Last updated Apr 23, 2018
Visible Elephant 47
VISIBLE ELEPHANT 47 (VE47) is a mens' & womens' casual japanese artistic t shirt brand created by illustrator CHICHI who is japanese. As a japanese artistic t shirt brand, VE47 releases artistic t shirt & long sleeve shirts every spring(spring/summer) & autumn(autumn/winter). VE47 specializes in silk-screen t shirt printing using 100% high quality cotton t shirt printed with rubber ink. All of our artistic t shirt are made in Japan. Our brand include - but are not limited to - short-sleeve t shirt, long sleeve shirts and zip-up hoodies, making VE47 range more desirable than other japanese artistic t shirt brand!

Illustrator CHICHI
illustrator CHICHI was born in Mie prefector Japan. He is japanese. He designs all products (VE47's artistic t shirt, posters, illustrations, for other brand etc).
Having lived in New York for more than 10 years, he noticed the potential of computer technology as a medium for anyone to create artistic designs. Increasingly however, he also saw the negative impact of this trend, with similar designs flooding the internet making it hard to differentiate between imitation and original designs.There are many kinds of si miler japanese brand.
As an japanese illustrator, he wanted to release real original japanese designs globally.
Using a computer rather than a pen, he creates "line drawings" to draw and design.
CHICHI's contribution to the previously curved world of VISIBLE ELEPHANT 47 is appreciated by the entire team of Visible Elephant 47, with his work appearing on artistic t shirt brand and illustrations.